Dry van trailers made according to customer’s needs

Designed to Last

For the toughest demands, we have the products you need.

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Our Products

The FRUEHAUF dry vans are recognized for their durability, endurance, high quality, original components, and adaptability to the customer’s business needs. They can be manufactured from 28’ to 57’ with 1, 2, or 3 axles. Available in Composite and Sheet & Post.

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We’re back in the USA!

After 25 years, we are happy to return to where it all started. Fruehauf is ready to serve and keep your fleet on the road for the long haul with the best manufactured dry vans offering premium quality, endurance, load capacity, and safety.

Our New

Fruehauf is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable products—it’s in our DNA. Our new location at Kentucky Transpark in Bowling Green will better service our North American customers.

Our History

Pioneers of the Semi-trailer

Starting from the idea “a horse can pull more than it can carry,” the first tractor and articulated semi-trailer set was born. This invention jumpstarted road transportation in the motorized age.

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