Composite LB Trailer

Multitasker Dry Van

Galvanized Components

Front coupler – tub crossmembr assy – landing gear frame – upper subframe slider rail assy – rear frame – rear impact guard are all hot dipped galvanized to increase life cycle of trailer by eliminating premature corrosion.

Sidewall Stiffness

The 7.50 mm thick composite panels with a full 16 ga. hat section logistic posts on 48” centers in combination with a heavy duty designed extruded aluminum lower and upper rail connections allowing for one of the strongest industry’s sidewall construction.

Front Wall Designed

(5) full 16 ga. Steel galvanized hat section posts with two .050 pre-painted white aluminum panels eliminating an extra panel lap and a full corner radius corner extrusion and capped with an aluminum corner casting featuring one of the stongest front walls in the industry.

Rear Frame Structure

Utilizes a 7ga x 2 x 4 rectangle structural tube post and header – with a high strength rear sill with full length weld to a ½” x 6” full width bottom bar and ½”x 6” upper corner angle reinforcements stabilizing the header and posts for anti rear frame racking feature.

Composite LB Trailer


LB Composite Trailer Specifications


53’ 0” O.A. Length          13’ 6” O.A. Height
110.00 I.S. Height           102.36” O.A. Width
101.00” I.S. Width           52’ 6 5/8” I.S. Length
GVWR: 68,000 lbs.         GAWR: (2) @ 20,000 lbs.


  • 7.5 mm Composite panel pp white
  • 16 ga. Steel galvanized logistic hat post – 48” ctrs.
  • Extruded lower rail with 6” integral scuff
  • 6” Corrugated steel scuff above for 12” protection
  • Extruded upper raill with overlap protection on panels

Rear Frame

  • Structural steel rectangle tube for post and header
  • Rear sill with ½” bottom bar and 3/8” light protector
  • ½” Post protectors at top and bottom
  • ½” Structural steel corner angles at top
  • Bolt-on rear impact guard
  • 13 mm Composite door panels with dual lockrods
  • (4) Aluminum hinges per door

Front Wall

  • (5) 16 ga. steel hat post – 80 k galvanize
  •  (2) .050 aluminum pp white panels
  • Full one-piece aluminum extruded upper rail
  • Stainless steel lower mounting plate
  • Extruded aluminum corners
  • Aluminum top corner casting

Landing Gear

(6) XMBR mount with bolt on wing plate & Bolt on k-bracing

Lights & Wiring

All led lights with sealed harness


  • One piece .040 aluminum panel attached
  • Full perimeter with retainer plate
  • Anti-snag 18 ga. Galvanized steel roof
  • Bows on 24” centers – bonded to panel


  • Mechanical Spring or Air Ride – 49” Axle Spacing – “P” Spindles –
    2s/1m ABS – 30-30 Brake Chambers
  • 5 ½” Auto Slack Adjuster – Hub Piloted W/ Cast Drum –
    Steel PP White Disc Wheels

All designs are subject to change. Please contact a Fruehauf dealer for updated information.